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Fellow citizens, we cannot escape history. We at Forge of Empires will be remembered in spite of ourselves. Thus I implore the experienced among you who enjoy teamwork, helping others and have an enthusiasm for FoE to join our team! We have many volunteer opportunities across our support teams. Go forth and apply, and remember my old quote – “Whatever you are, be a good one.”
Are you an experienced Forge of Empires player, and wish to share your knowledge? Do you enjoy helping the Community? Do you want to shape the future ages and features? If you answered yes, you may be just the right person we are looking for. The support team is always looking for enthusiastic volunteers who enjoy teamwork, helping others and of course Forge of Empires!

The Forge of Empires Team

Senior Ingame Moderator

For me becoming an ingame Moderator added a completely new dimension to a game already packed with features and puzzles.  The role is indeed challenging but also very rewarding.  It gives me the opportunity to connect directly and help the playing community.  The whole team are second to none with unique and special friendship among all and lots of fun to be had. I have found the training system really works well and best of all at a pace that suited me.

The Forge of Empires Team consists of many roles. Our core roles are:

The Forge of Empires Team is made up of a vast mixture of dedicated players, who love to support their favorite game! The team is structured in a way that it allows those who want to get involved in different projects do so, and even step outside their comfort zones. The choice is theirs.

As part of our volunteer team we offer great opportunities to develop new and existing skills, a monthly premium bonus, plus the opportunity to join the team on an annual meet up. 

Ingame Moderator 

Co-Community Manager

Joining the support team has given me skills that can apply both in game and in real life. 

There is always a challenge to be had and the team consists of moderators from all around the world with a variety of skills within different parts of the game. 

The team works in a relaxed fun atmosphere with the overall goal of helping the players enjoy the game.

An ingame moderator works as part of our team, led and trained by the Community Manager or their senior team. A good team attitude is essential as we help and support each other in this sometimes stressful role. We have a good team spirit, and enjoy a lively team Skype chat where we keep up to date with the latest bugs.

Ingame Mod duties include:

Social Media Moderator

Saraus the first
Senior Ingame Moderator

Since becoming an in-game moderator, it's added a whole new level of gameplay for me.  I've been able to help players in so many areas, and I've learnt a lot of new things about my own strategies that I hadn't thought of, too!  The team at support are a laugh-a-minute and we are a close group from around the world.  As an in-game moderator, it's rare to have the same two queries in a row, so the variety adds to the fun!  Even in a volunteer position, there is room for growth, and since then I have become the Social Media Coordinator for Forge of Empires.

The Social Media Moderator will implement the game’s moderation strategy on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Google+, ensuring a safe and legal community environment, promoting first-rate customer service and helping to build up a strong community around our game.

You will be using our cross-device tool (either on mobile or desktop) which will allow you to quickly moderate all the content created by our players on social media.

Social Media mod duties include

Forum Moderator

Forum & Ingame Moderator

Serving the community as a mod is a honour and privilege. No matter how well you think you know the game there’s always something new to learn from the experience of others. Each player brings their unique perspective to the forum which brings its own rewards and challenges. There’s something special about forums and I’m glad to be part of it. 

As a forum mod you will be responsible for ensuring the content in the sections you cover remains within the rules and that appropriate action is taken where needed. You will also be an example for the rest of the community and you are expected to have good communication skills.

Forum mod duties include:

Team Requirements

Lady Marlena

Community Manager

Working with a group who are really dedicated to helping their fellow players is incredibly rewarding.  It's a pleasure to be part of the Management team for Support and for our Community.  We offer extensive training and support to our moderators as well as a lot of fun and laughter along the way

All roles within the team are customer service roles, and mods need to have a good attitude with all people, including those whose first language is not English.

To apply:

Additionally, Social Media Moderators must have:

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