An ingame moderator works as part of our team, led and trained by the Community Manager or their senior team. A good team attitude is essential as we help and support each other in this sometimes stressful role. We have a good team spirit, and enjoy a lively team Skype chat where we keep up to date with the latest bugs.


  • Answering questions sent in by players.
  • Detecting and testing bugs to be sent to the development team.
  • Detecting rule breaking and placing bans.
  • Helping players to appeal their bans fairly.
  • Testing game updates for bugs before the live release.
  • Be able to respond to tickets within 8 hours.

This is a customer service role, and mods need to have a good attitude with all people, including those who do not find writing English easy. 


  • You need to have reached CA or demonstrate a superior level of game knowledge.
  • You must have excellent written English and be willing to use a spell checker to proofread your ticket responses.
  • You need to be available to answer player questions every day, and give at least 14 hours a week to the role.
  • You must be at least 21 years old.
As part of our volunteer team we offer great opportunities to develop new and existing skills, providing early feedback on new game content, active involvement in locating and reporting game issues to ensure stable and smooth gameplay on the live versions of the game.