Welcome to these pages! We're glad to see that you are interested in joining our Team. Please allow us to give you some more information about who we are and what we do. We're looking forward to receiving your application, so that we can hopefully work together soon!

Join the Elvenar Team now!

Within the Elvenar Team you will find many members of different ages but all bound to one true passion: Elvenar. As a team, we strive to always be as helpful and assist our players, but also each other, as well as possible.

We answer questions or discussions on the forum, and take care of ticket requests via our support, always aiming to solve any problems and provide as much information as possible to our players.

What do we offer?

...and all of that from the comfort of your home.

What are we looking for in new team members?

  • The ability to assist players in all incoming requests while remaining calm and friendly at all times
  • Willingness to actively gather and forward feedback, and inform players with the information they require
  • A mindset that allows you investigate and solve problems efficiently

Forum Moderation

As a forum moderator you're responsible for the forum sections assigned to your care. Together with the rest of the forum moderation team, you are responsible for guiding the discussions and answering fellow players' questions and concerns and forwarding the feedback coming from the community to the rest of the team.

Game Moderation

As a game moderator you and your fellow supporters take care of any inquiries sent via ticket by players. You will need extensive knowledge about the game to be able to solve as many issues as possible. Of course we provide you with the guides and tools you need, and the rest of the game moderation team is always available for questions. As a team we support each other and all we expect from you is to ask if you are ever unsure.


In order to provide the level of service we want, we have a few requirements for new team members.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Until then,
Your Elvenar Team