Thank you for your interest in joining The West Public Beta Team. Our team consists exclusively of volunteers selected from the player base, by the community manager, with the tasks of improving the game and providing assistance to fellow beta testers.

We recruit to fill two kinds of positions: forum moderator and ingame supporter. Forum moderators are assigned specific forum(s) in which to monitor for, remove and punish violations of the forum rules. Ingame supporters respond to enquiries raised through our ticket and affront systems. As beta testers, forum moderators should be participating in reviewing game content and balance whilst ingame supporters should be involved in bug identification and testing.


We require applicants to be highly proficient in English and have a thorough understanding of the game. Although you need not be a native speaker, please do not apply if you cannot use carefully considered diction to convey the precise details of a proposal or bug. Additionally, you should have:

We cannot consider submissions sent by minors until they turn sixteen years of age. Those over eighteen years are preferred.

Submission process

To begin the submission process, please visit the instructions page (click). When we receive your application, it will be internally rated based upon not only its content but also our impressions from your previous community participation. Applications are taken and reviewed on a rolling basis; even if you do not hear from us immediately, we may contact you with an invitation later!

Once a position becomes available, we will then contact the best applicants for a brief discussion through Skype. The purpose of the mini-interview is to determine which suitable person is the best fit for the role required at the time – even if we cannot offer you the current position, in most cases your application will still be kept for a different role!